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Husband to the Rescue

Most of the time moving cattle from one pasture to the next is quiet easy. But moving the weaned steers (this years crop) can be rather trying. This past weekend was no exception. I had some friends at the ranch, extra bodies means extra projects. We needed to move the steers to a fresh pasture and we only needed to go about 40 feet across the road. There are 3 exit points on the road and I tempted them with a bag of Alfafa. Frankie guarded one exit, my friends son occupied the second while my friend stood watch at the third. I was walking them out of the pasture onto the road when I realized we might be in trouble. What I neglected to remember is that my friend is afraid of large animals. Now these steers are only about 700-800 lbs so not large in my book but to her they were dragons and they were coming straight for her. Needless to say the steers were very excited to move past her and head in the wrong direction. This was fairly comical as I instructed my friend to go get them until the little beasts dove into the brush and down into the creek. So now I realize I'm really in trouble and what does one do when one is in trouble, call mom... at least 5 times and she doesn't answer. So next up is my husband who is driving to the ranch from the airport. In gasping hurried breaths I gathered that my salvation was near. "I need Help and Hurry!". So I'm navigating prickly brush in inappropriate attire, I'm bleeding from multiple locations and my husband turns up in his airport attire to save next years beef. Mom finally called me back and replied with gales of laughter and my friend apologized profusely. My 40 feet, 5 minute project turned into miles and more than an hour. Just another day on the Ranch!

Mom has been spending her days imprinting the newest Kangal puppies (pic of the kids helping) and deterring a coyote from snacking on the chicken in the evenings. This weekend we will be in Tomball at the Loblolly Market. We look forward to seeing our regulars! We have planted the fall garden including another crop of tomatoes. We are planning our fall legume cover crops for the steers. We hope to try peas this year in addition the winter rye. The burn ban has been lifted so we will be tackling burn piles in the very near future. Burn piles require constant tending when lit and the season for burning can sneak past rather quickly. Pic of this past weekend beautiful foggy morning around the live oak trees,

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