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All Hail Clover Grass

I am happy to report that the clover seed is continuing to thrive throughout most of the pastures on the ranch, Clover has a bit of a bad rap among cattle ranchers due to the increased risk of bloat but we have found that as long as the cattle have access to the pastures as the clover starts to grow we do not see this side effect in terms of causing disease. We do not however recommend standing behind the cattle as the fermented clover is expelled under pressure. Why do we plant clover you ask? Clover is a nitrogen fixing legume and is an energy dense forage. Nitrogen is a building block needed for healthy pastures and grass. My families goal for over 60 years has been to find alternatives to chemical fertilizer and my Mom started with the clover more than 40 years ago. Back then the seed was expensive and today a 50lb bag is more than $2k. We have been strategically saving seed and redistributing the seed in the fall . The cattle have also aided in spreading seed throughout the ranch.

Easter was a fun family affair. The weather was gorgeous and we feasted on Hoot owl Hill Tenderloin and Hoot Owl Hill Turkeys. The kids enjoyed hunting eggs and fishing with their cousins.

We have another litter of Kangal puppies that will need to be placed in homes in about 6 weeks. If you know of a local farmer in need of a livestock guardian dog please pass along our information, Mom will be showing the Kangal dogs this weekend in Norman OK while my husband braves the MS 150.

Gabriel, the kids and I will be back at the Loblolly Market Saturday, May 6th and the Jersey Village Farmer's Market Sunday, May 7th. Please come by to pick up chicken and duck eggs. We also will have all cuts available on Monday May 1st.

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