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Blooming Bluebonnets

This spring has been absolutely gorgeous. The bluebonnets are blooming and and the cows are happily eating the spring time clover coming up in the pastures. There is no more need for hay which is welcome and we are looking toward cutting hay this summer. We chose an area to disc and level due to how rough the area was and due to decreased grass production. We had many loads of compost brought in which we distributed via the manure spreader. This was a two tractor job, one to load and the other to distribute which my husband and I tackled. This past Saturday Frankie and I performed the last discing and dragged a telephone pole behind the disc to help level the land. Then I seeded and harrowed the area with giant bermuda seed. A light misting rain came on Sunday which was perfect timing since the birds were combing the field eating the seed. Germination should be pretty quick with the rain and warm weather. I look forward to seeing how this area develops and if successful we will be tackling the area next to it this coming winter.

The Sunday mist was lovely and required a halt to projects but it was not enough rain to keep us indoors. The light rain gave all of us time to appreciate the beauty of the farm and the animals. We just wandered around checking and observing all the critters. Their normal day to day activities are lovely to behold.

The Kangal puppies are eight weeks of age and it is time for them to move onto their next job. Other than removing a few feathers from their resident rooster they did a great job protecting their livestock from predators. The chicken incubator is going to be shut down for a bit. We have successfully hatched enough chicks for this round of meat birds and replacement laying hens, The chick nursery is at capacity. The goose and turkey incubator will remain operational.

The kids are still taking horse back riding lessons twice a week and are truly becoming proficient. This week they both loped/galloped which is a big step forward. I remain impressed with their courage and grit to continue to ride with enthusiasm after eating dirt and being stepped on more than a few times.

This coming weekend we will attend Loblolly Market in Tomball on Saturday and the Jersey Village Farmer's Market on Sunday. Please send an email if you have any requests or orders you would like us to put together in advance. Unfortunately we are sold out of Ribeyes but have most everything else.

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