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Grass Fed Beef Jerky!!

Who doesn't love beef Jerky? This is our first foray into having jerky made from our grass fed beef and it does not disappoint! It has a nice smoky flavor, on the next round we hope to try out their teriyaki preparation. The newest steer graded out very well and we are well stocked with everything you need for this weekends Memorial Day. You can order online to ensure we have everything you want in stock and ready to roll at the time of pick up.

New from the Farm:

Much like the rest of Texas we are excited about the rain that is forecasted for today and tomorrow. We hope to be putting hay up into the barn within the next month. The goat herd has been thinned, the boys were taken to market this past week and we are in the market for a new Billy Goat. Did you know snakes do not like the smell of billy goats? Since we have had the male goat the chicken snakes have steered clear of the chicken yard.

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