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Hay is the new GOLD!

As we all know it is hot and dry. But this summer is especially bad for livestock producers since the drought started so early and many were unable to get hay cut and in the barn. Historically we cut hay at the end of June to avoid the spring flowers and seeds but this year we opted to cut earlier since it was getting hot so quickly this year. Due to the increase in the price of feed and hay and the lack of grass many producers are culling their herds. The numbers are unprecedented and some county roads near livestock auctions are experiencing traffic jams with cattle trailers lined up for as far as you can see. Fortunately other than the threat of selling "She Who Will Not Be Named" ie. # 144 we have no plans to reduce our herd at this time. We are flirting with the idea of moving all the steers to the barn and placing them under fans during the day and putting them in pastures overnight. We have an appointment with the county extension agent on Monday to discuss all our options regarding maintaining our grass fed status with little fresh grass available and keeping our gains up while maintaining good quality prime beef.

In the meantime the incubator has produced about 150 chicks for us this year. We have sold some chicks and kept many to replace what the hawks have poached to feed their young. Some of the ducklings and the goslings will be joining the adult ducks headed to the pond soon. The broiler chickens have not handled the heat well and unfortunately we have lost quite a few, they are also under fans and misters plus the weather being down in the 90's has helped tremendously.

We picked up a steer last week who has turned out really well. I will bring in the coveted beef jerky this weekend that can be picked up on Monday. We are at the end of our peaches, Mom has made some amazing peach jam that my kids are loving. Please come by the clinic if you plan to grill. We have all cuts available.

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