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Kangal's Rule

The draught brings out all sorts of different problems. The armadillos are absolutely everywhere and have had a prolific year. We suspect this is the case since their burrows were not under water this year. The coyotes are venturing closer to the yard and unfortunately have claimed two off seasons calves this year. Historically we have kept Callie the kangal in the chicken yard but she is getting old and spends her days in the AC more than running the chicken yard so we have started using Jack in the chicken yard. For sometime Jack liked the taste of chicken but Callie in no uncertain terms informed Jack that all poultry was off limits and like most husbands Jack has learned its easier to keep his wife happy than eating chickens. We were a bit nervous about giving Jack free reign but his breeding and life lessons have pulled through and he has become an excellent chicken/duck/turkey/goat/peacock protector. Kangals are Turkish Mastiffs bred to work as livestock guardians dogs. The males top out at around 140lbs and are serious about protecting their flock. Coyotes weigh in around 55lbs so they are not very keen on meeting a Kangal. Kangals are socialized at an early age to be kind to livestock. Our current litter of 5 females and 2 males are 4 weeks of age and the ducks/chicken/goat have been added to their area. Of course they also have had hours of kid cuddles.

This past weekend was Fayetteville's annual Lickskillet Festival. The kids loved the parade. With cooler weather the egg production is slowly increasing so come by the clinic to stock up on eggs. Pic of the green house which will be full this winter.

We will be picking up the next steer from the processor in about a week. We are looking forward to the beef jerky and of course the steaks.

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Marcy West
Marcy West
Oct 20, 2022

So, over the weekend while David and I were in Rockport, r and r and a little fishing, Powerball, the young Angus bull we purchased last February, became enamored of the next door cows, who were thinking of love. He managed to cross a 5 foot tall net wire fence, and amazingly enough (sarcasm) the neighbors didn't notice a 1400 lb bull with 44 branded on his shoulder and another brand on his hip, not to mention a numbered ear tag, running with their 13 800-1000 lb cows outside their house. Luckily, their "bull" was, oddly enough, locked in another pasture. Tuesday afternoon, David and I took the canam and my worthless Aussie (supposed herding dog, more of a couch…

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