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Kelley and the Tractor

My step dad is always concerned for my well being (or the equipment's well being) when I decide its time I do some heavy equipment operating. I generally receive an overview (ie. lecture) of said equipment and my importance to the family, my children, the businesses, and so on... Yesterday after a challenging time of working half the herd (story to come) I decided the pasture needed to be shredded. So off I went to shred the 40 acre pasture. Now shredding with a 20 foot bat wing is very satisfyingly but also a bit challenging with trees and fence lines that are not straight. Overall the shredding was successful and I only decapitated one fence post. All equipment is well and in good repair as am I. This past weekend we returned to the Loblolly Farmer's Market. We had a wonderful time talking about our farm and garden. My Mom brought many of her wonderful jams and jellies as well as some very tasty fresh produce from the garden. Our peach and tomato crop are prolific this year, Mom made some excellent peach jam that received the hard won kid's seal of approval. We were gifted with a vibrant rainbow this past weekend added for your viewing pleasure. The next steer will be moved to the processors on Monday which means he will be ready for purchase in 3 weeks but we still need to make room in our freezers. Please come on by if you are in the market for some beef. We have received glowing feedback from the past two steers.

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Marcy West
Marcy West
Jun 09, 2022

Only one fence post? A new record!!

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