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Molting Chickens

The egg production has decreased significantly. Chickens do not produce everyday for 365 days, they go through a period of molting where they use their energy to regrow their feathers instead of laying eggs. This process typically takes place when the days get shorter ie. the fall. So for those of you who are my regular egg consumers we should have more eggs available hopefully by next week, And I will add pictures of the freshly feathered chickens in the next blog, no embarrassing naked chicken pictures today, The freezers are stocked with beef, we have a new steer back from the processors. We had a fun family experience at the local Fayette County Fair. This kids loved riding rides and competing in carnival games. We have made some great beef bone broth and chicken bone broth which is jarred and stable in the pantry until it is opened. We also have some amazing orange oil which is great in baked chocolate goods and can also be used as a natural bug deterrent if added to water and sprayed around the edges of your home. The fig tree produced a ton of figs this year. The Fig jam is so good, especially when added to brie and crackers.

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