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Poop and the Beetle

As a small animal vet I get to see soooooo many pictures of poo. Today I am spreading this wealth and I am including a picture of cow poo. Now I believe we all know what a regular cow pie looks like but do you know what it looks like after dung beetles have done their job? Anytime someone comes to visit the ranch I love to show them the hard work of the dung beetles. The dung beetle's population declined as the use of ivermectin dewormer increased. This beetle is important and we researched dewormers to find one that effects this 6-legged beast the least. The dung beetle takes the cow pie and spreads it out (pictured) which helps to decrease the fly population as well and feeding the soil. When we are checking pastures for fence lines and grass quality we are also checking on our favorite bug ensuring they are healthy and working at their job of poo distribution.

This past week has been hot but so far the tomatoes are still producing. The peaches are ripening and we still have a few more peach trees loaded and in need of more time. Mom has hatched out many baby chicks and the incubator is full again. And most importantly we made HAY!! With this heat and lack of rain this cutting may very well be the only cutting for the year. The hay has been sent for crude protein analysis so we know exactly what we are feeding.

The steer is currently aging at the processor's and we will pick up the cuts in about 2 weeks. We have had many requests for beef jerky which we will be able to fulfill when we pick up the cuts. This weekend we are going to fertilize the hay pastures with Rabbit Tea which should be an interesting process. And please bring on the rain!!!

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