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Rabbit Tea Fertilizer

What is Rabbit Tea you ask and why did we drive 3 hours round trip to pick it up and then stay up until 1am putting the mixture on our hay pastures? There is a story... We have not used any fertilizer or herbicides on our pastures since we acquired the land. We plant clover and rye as cover crops that are nitrogen fixers to keep our pastures healthy and well fed. BUT making hay takes away from the pasture whereas shredding and grazing cattle add back to the pasture and the biome. So what can we use that will provide organic material, improve the biome and is all natural you ask? The answer is Rabbit Tea Fertilizer produced by Clear Water Ranch. Rabbit tea is actually rabbit poo that has been liquefied, it has a high nitrogen content, and it is a cold fertilizer so it can be applied anytime of the year, but it shouldn't be cooked so we had to apply it late in the evening. My brother and I spent our Friday night filling the sprayer and then snaking back and forth over the pastures at zero dark thirty spraying rabbit liquefied rabbit poo in hopes of getting it out before the rains came. And as always there were a few mishaps. We had to MacGyver a pipe to pour the rabbit tea into the sprayer, we were gifted a flat tire and finally the sprayer chain fell off which took a bit of work to find in the pitch dark. Next we will compare the protein content from this batch of hay with the next batch of hay plus a test area that we did not spray. We are looking forward to seeing these results. We also suspect every coyote in the county is going to come hunting on our rabbit infused pastures.

It has been hot for the tomatoes and the chickens which has caused the production to slow down. Our daily gains for the steers have also leveled a bit so we have pushed back the next processing date and started supplementing with hay. We moooved the herd and stacked the round bales with my helper (pic Below).

We are in the process of researching production options for pastured broilers so we can offer chicken as well as beef in the future.

Come by the clinic for eggs and beef!! And Happy 4th of JULY!!! We are all headed to Hunt to pick up our camper and take a dip in the chilly Guadalupe River.

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