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Thank You Rye Grass

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

The rain and the cooler weather has coxed the Rye grass up to start our winter grazing. Rye grass is not something that can be baled here in Texas but we are very happy to have it. This grass is a legume which means it adds nitrogen back into the soil. It is also a high energy grass allowing the cattle to fatten up and provide more fuel during these winter months. We are still supplementing with hay and molasse tubs to help the cattle break down the hay but it is a welcome sight to see the herd with their heads down grazing on these fruitful pastures.

This past weekend the 10 weeks old 25lb Kangal pups received their second round of vaccines and another healthy dose of kid socialization. Five of the pups will move on next weekend to start the process of becoming full time working dogs for the government. The kids are already missing their 4legged friends.

Our family project this weekend was centered around erosion control. We planted the area with native grasses a few weeks back and now we are applying jute netting to prevent wash outs since we have cleared a significant portion of the under brush. The area is very pretty and easier to maintain but we also do not want to lose the dirt to run off. The kids helped pick up sticks and explore the creek while Gabe and I hammered in the steaks to keep the jute in place.

We have turned the lights on for the chickens now that they have finished their molt and egg production is already increasing. Chickens need 14 to 16 hours of light to stimulate egg production and this can be supplemented with artificial light on a timer in the winter months.

We have a steer scheduled with the processors next month. We have had numerous inquiries about 1/2 and whole steer purchases. We are very happy to plan out custom processing. As usual we will be in Tomball for Loblolly Farmer's Market the first Saturday in December.

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