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The Unhappy Calf

It is that time of year when we calmly separate the Cow from her calf, this is called weaning. This is done by keeping the calves in one pen while we move the mother cows into a neighboring pen. We prepare a rested pasture for the calves which even though it is dry we still have some green ready for them this year. This is an ideal time for weaning because the calves have already transitioned to roughage and only nurse from momma occasionally. We place hay in front of the calves and watch them closely. This is the period of time when a calf is the most stressed so keeping the calves calm is very important to help prevent illness from cropping up. Since our entire process of raising cattle is done in one place there is no added stress from hauling to a sales barn and then on to a stocker calf operation. Weaning also offers a period of rest for the Mother Cow before she gives birth to her next calf in the coming spring. We take pride in knowing that we take every effort to make this process as seamless and easy on the cattle as possible.

Mom attended the TAMU Beef Cattle Short course this week. It is a 3 days event with guest lecturers speaking about all things beef. It was a bit depressing since most of the conversations centered on the draught and the market forecast. The drought is expected to continue until the end of the year and its possible it will extend into next year.

I added a picture of the kids herding ducks and geese down to the pond for a morning swim. We received just enough rain last week for the Rain lilies to come out and show their pretty petals. You can see in the picture with the Momma Cows it has greened up a bit and the chickens like their fans.

This Saturday we will be in Tomball at the Loblolly Farmer's Market. We look forward to seeing our repeat customers and vendors.

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