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Weekend Warriors

As parents who are often at our wits ends between all the schedules, our jobs and the ranch many times spending quality time with friends becomes an after thought. So when our friends call and see what we are up to for the weekend I list all the projects I want to get accomplished and see if they are up for a weekend at the ranch with a side of work, Of course we make time for some great food and enjoying the sunset. This weekend was no exception. Our friends moseyed on up the ranch Saturday afternoon. Gabe and I stopped working when they arrived so we could visit and have a nice meal Saturday night but by Sunday morning, which carried over into Monday, it was time to finish up the projects. Here was the list:

  1. weigh steers and rotate pastures

  2. haul steer to the processor

  3. assemble and hang nesting boxes

  4. purchase supplies for chicken house project

  5. create chicken proof separate rooms in the chicken house so we can incubate breed specific chicks

  6. assemble additional waterers and feeders for rooms

  7. gently round up specific specimens of chickens to place in each room

  8. admire brand new baby chicks

All projects COMPLETED!! I like to think we all loved that feeling of accomplishment but perhaps our soar backs may have other ideas today.

The kids at least had lots of fun!!

The chickens are adjusting to their new nesting boxes. The hay like liners seems to have done the trick but we still have some hold outs that are laying on the ground. The turkeys and geese have started to lay eggs, I can not wait to show you all pictures of these babies. The steers are gaining weight thanks to all the rye grass that has popped up with the most recent rains.

This coming weekend is tree trimming!! We will be using poll saws in the pasture to pull up the canopies so the cab tractor/shredder/cutter can safely work closer to the trees.

We will be at the Jersey Village Farmer's Market this coming Sunday, January 15th.

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