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Winter is Here

As all of my city dweller friends prepare for this freeze the focus has been on covering plants, wrapping pipes and preparing to hunker down inside. On the ranch the focus is on the animals . The plants get moved into the green house (pictured below) weeks in advance because when a true freeze comes there is no time to move plants. The to do list is long but the focus is to ensure all animals have shelter, food and water. The cattle have been moved into pastures with sheds that block the north wind. Our precious round bales have been distributed and will be replenished as needed. The water has been cut off to all the water troughs, the pipes have been drained and the water levels have been reduce to below the float to prevent the floats from breaking. The horses do not like to drink cold water which increases their risk of colic so water trough heaters have been placed in their troughs. All troughs will be monitored for ice which will need to be broken regularly if they start to freeze over. The well houses have heaters placed to prevent the wells from freezing. All of this takes quite a bit of hours in between all the other things that are required of families going into a holiday. This is life on the ranch as my step dad says and we all love it!

Our fire places are roaring. The cold weather water proof gear is out and we are all at work. Merry Christmas from our Hoot Owl Hill! family to yours!! We will be back at the Jersey Village Farmer's Market Sunday January 15th.

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